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Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

To say briefly, corsage is a floral jewelry, in other words it is a bracelet, decorated with blooms, ribbons, sometimes pearls and other things. Ladies wear these bracelets for special events or occasions. On our website you can find a lot of options to choose from. Looking for something custom? Just call us, we are happy to help you!


Whether you would like to buy wedding wrist corsages or prom flower corsage and even homecoming wrist corsages, let us create your mini bouquets for your special occasion day! We will use only fresh flowers and use special tricks, so your floral bracelet looks fresh and nice all day without water. In Art Flowers LA we create magic!


Popular Flowers for Corsages

You don’t wear a corsage every day, it is only for special important occasions in your life. So, you should wear it very carefully, remember it is almost a piece of art and it is very gentle. It should stay fresh and beautiful for the whole event. That's why we recommend discussing all the questions and moments with your florist. You should ask what flowers last longer, etc. Another advice is to pay attention to the size of the flowers. We recommend choosing small or medium blooms, because large blooms might not look right on a wristlet on your arm or wilt sooner than you expect.

In our Art Flowers LA floral studio, we like to use the following flowers:

  • Ranunculus: The flower with a whimsical name, but so delicate and gorgeous for your corsage. It will add some charm to the bracelet and will definitely make you happy all evening. It also comes in many colors to choose from: like red, white, orange, bright and pale pink.
  • Spray roses: Rose is the most beautiful, traditional and classic flower ever. Spray rose is the same rose but smaller size that will look perfect on your wrist. The most popular colors that will suit almost all the gowns are white, red and pink.
  • Lisianthus: this flower may look very delicate but it is not true. It has a great vase life and is very good for corsages as well. The most popular colors are purple, white and pink.
  • Wax Flower: We like to add wax to the bracelets like a filler. It has a special charm and adds volume to our small floral jewelry piece.

How to Pick Corsage for Prom

Every girl starts to dream about the Prom night long before the event. We imagine what dress, what shoes and accessories we would wear. The main accessory for the prom is a corsage! When you know the color of your gown and you know the color of the suit of your date, you can compliment your bracelet with the bow, the same color for example. Anyway, it is very important to discuss the colors first with your partner. Then we recommend discussing with the florist what type of the flowers are better to use and why. And please place your order in advance, so the florist has enough time to order fresh blooms by the event and prepare your order.

How to Pick Corsage for the Wedding

When you decide with all the decorations and arrangements for your wedding, here is the time to think about your guests. Elegant corsages are a perfect compromise in a difficult choice of jewelry for the guests. One of the main advantages of these bracelets, that they will cost much less than the traditional bouquets, but give your family and special friends a festive look. Flower girl bracelets are suitable for any wedding style and any dress. All that you need, just to decide on a flower that you like, size and colors that should match with the bride's bouquet and wedding décor. Please remember to order your corsages from a professional experienced florist that knows what to do and make your guests happy all the day of your wedding.

Now you know where to get corsages for your big day or special event. You can place an order through our website, stop by the store or call us today 310-817-0605.