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Flower Boxes

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

There are so many options of box flower arrangements that you can choose from on our online shop. Our florists will make any stunning floral gift boxes upon your request for any occasions and celebrations.

I Miss You
Warm Wishes
Starting at $90.00
Soft / Pastels
Starting at $115.00
Compliment for You
Best Selling
Lovely Box
Starting at $120.00
Summer Mood
Starting at $120.00
Starting at $110.00
Pink Mood
Starting at $90.00
Peach Mood
Starting at $90.00
Just for Her
Starting at $90.00
Fashion Box
$195.00 Unavailable
Sweet Fall Centerpiece
$320.00 Unavailable
Girly Style
Starting at $120.00
Floral Stylish Bag
Starting at $130.00


Fresh flowers in a box are stylish and the new look of flowers to give. It is a perfect gift for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, and many more. You can choose flowers arrangements in boxes in a round, classical shape or heart shaped ones. It could be mono flowers in a box, for example, peonies or roses, or mixed flowers in a box in white or pink or any color tones you would prefer. 

Box bouquet flowers are easy to care for. Our florists put them in a special wet floral foam that is inside a box and the blooms soak up the water from it for 3 to 4 days. You can check how wet it is with your finger and pour a little bit of water in the middle of your arrangement. 

Flowers in a box is an ideal gift for your loved ones with lots of benefits: a modern and stylish look, easy to care for, and you do not need an extra vase or think where to put your beautiful blooms. 

Box Flowers Delivery

If you are looking for flower boxes near me, choose Art Flowers LA, we are the masters of it. You can check out our website and place an order online as well as call us at (310) 817-0605 or visit our flower shop 1484 S Robertson Blvd, LA, CA, 90035 if you have any additional questions about your order.