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Forever Roses

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Art Flowers LA has stunning forever roses placed in gorgeous stylish glass jars. It could be the perfect gift for any anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other important celebrations in your loved ones’ lives. The benefit of them is that they last for almost a year and will remind you about distinct memories every time you take a glance at them.


Forever roses are real preserved roses that were fresh cut and preserved using a special liquid to keep them looking beautiful and real. We love to put a single rose in a glass jar to emphasize the uniqueness of the bloom. It’s the perfect size to put on a bed table, bathroom table, or even in the living room to add some modern accents in your home.
If you prefer more than one rose and want to have a bigger preserved flower arrangement, we can always make it for you in a hat box in any size.

There are so many colors that we could provide for you, starting from classic white, red, and then yellow, orange, and finishing with black, blue, or even glittering ones.

Like we mentioned above, the best benefit of preserved blooms is that they last almost one to three years depending on the room climate and sunlight. So it’s better to not put it in direct sunlight and place it in the coolest place in the room. The only care you need to do is swiping the dust from the jar or the blooms.
It’s a unique gift for any occasion, if you want it to last for a long time and have something different from fresh flowers.

Forever Roses Delivery

If you are looking for forever flowers near me, Art Flowers LA is the only choice where you could get them looking stunning and unbelievable. You can always place the order on our website or just call us at (310) 817-0605. We have free delivery up to 4 miles from our shop which you could always calculate on our website at the check out.