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Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

What could be more perfect and more magnetic than orchids? Yes, you are right – nothing! Orchid flower arrangements are a gorgeous and unforgettable present for any occasion or celebration. Art Flowers LA has different shapes, sizes, and designs of them that perfectly match to what you imagine in your head.

Orchids have so many meanings such as love, elegance, charm, thoughtfulness, and it is even believed that they bring good luck to the owner. They could be a beautiful gift for any event in your life like birthday celebrations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Feel Better flowers, wedding anniversary, sympathy flowers, baby showers, and new born baby flowers.

There are so many types of orchids but we will only mention the most popular ones - moth orchids, dendrobium, cymbidium and cattleya.

Moth orchids are the most common type that you can find in any flower shop. They got their name because their shapes of flowers look exactly like moths. They usually last for 2 or 3 months.

Dendrobium orchids grow in the wilderness; on trees and branches, that’s where their name comes from, meaning, “tree life” in Greek. They have long, thin stems and have a flower spike that comes from the middle of blooms.

Cymbidium orchids have tall stems and grassy leaves with blooms that look like typical orchids. They love cool places because they are adapted to the cold climate of the Himalayas, where these flowers are from.

Cattleya plants are unusual orchids, are usually fragrant, and have ruffled edges. They love lots of sun and need to be drained well.

All of these types of flowers could be found in lots of colors like white, pink, yellow, blue, purple, and more.

If you want to own some of these amazing flowers always make sure to:

  • Take care of your orchid by watering them once a week and feeding them with fertilizer.
  • Do not put your orchid in the direct sun, it is just better to use bright spot with indirect sunlight.
  • Provide 55-75% humidity for the orchid, not more, as it could rot; just mist it every day with a spray water bottle.
  • When the flowers are wilting, cut them off and cut the stem in a half.
  • Now you know the most important information about the live orchid indoor plant.

Orchid Arrangement Delivery

You can search orchid plants for sale online on our website or you can order orchid plant delivery in Los Angeles. Delivery will be free up to 4 miles from our flower shop. Also, you can always call us to place an order at (310) 817-0605 or you can visit our studio 1484 S Robertson Blvd, LA, CA, 90035 to order real orchids shipping.