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Pink Rose Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Rose is a most popular flower on the planet, and it is a timeless classic. There are so many types of roses with a variety of colors, from soft pastel to rich and bright. Let's talk today about rose pink flowers and their meaning. On our website you will find a lot of options of pink rose arrangement to order for the delivery or pick up.
The classic “color of Barbie” rose symbolizes success and congratulations.  The bouquet is given for non-romantic occasions: birthdays, the birth of a child or graduation;
Dark pink buds represent gratitude and appreciation.

Hot Pink Roses
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Lilac and Roses
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Mixed Roses
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My Heart is Just for You!My Heart is Just for You!
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My Heart is Just for You!
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Beautiful Mixed RosesBeautiful Mixed Roses
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Pinky Pink
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Frutteto Roses
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Such a Sweetheart
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Pink O'Hara
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Tender Pink Roses
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In oriental cultures, such as Japan, it is better to declare love using creamy pink rather than red buds.

Often a pink arrangement is a great way to thank the recipient for something, to compliment a woman or express admiration.  

If the bouquet is given to a young lady, the gift could mean the beginning of falling in love.
One bright pink rose in a bouquet of scarlet will tell you that a man is very happy in a relationship with a girl;

A duet with yellow or orange varieties is a great way to wish good luck;

Pale pink buds in combination with snow-white express deep gratitude and emphasize the purity and innocence of the recipient.
On Art Flowers website you can order both mono-bouquets, pink roses delivery and various mixes of two or more shades.  Focus on our memo on the meaning of flowers and choose the right gift. Just a reminder that we are open 7 days a week and do deliver on Sundays. You can always give us a call at 310-817-0605 or come to our floral studio.