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Succulents plants

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Today succulents are very trendy as decorative plants at a home or at an office and it could be a fantastic gift for any occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or just as a gesture of little attention. You can find a lot of varieties of small indoor succulent plants on our website.

You can enjoy succulents for a very long time without watering them because of their ability to store water inside their thick leaves. So their unique meaning and need of less care are amazing for the recipient, as it reminds them about you for a long time just from the glance. Like we mentioned above, it would be a good present to any celebration. You can send succulent arrangements in any shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are more than 10,000 types of succulents in the whole world and new ones appear every week. The most popular indoor succulents include the jade plant, Aloe Vera, the panda plant, and the snake plant.

The jade plant has round shaped thick leaves and thick branches. It looks similar to the bonsai tree – also known as the money tree that people believe give more money and luck to their owners. When the jade plant is blooming, it has white or pink flowers.
Aloe Vera is a cactus that is usually known for its healing powers and you can always find it in some creams and gels for healing. It heals scratches and sunburns and at the same time, could decorate your table.

The panda plant is a succulent that has velvet leaves with dark red or brown spots on the end of them. It came from Madagascar and grows in granite rocks in nature.

The snake plant has very long leaves which are colored in shades of green. People assume that this indoor plant could remove all the toxins from the air in your room, ensuring that you’re breathing fresh air.

We can continue on and on about different types of succulents, but we only mentioned the 4 most popular ones. If you want to buy succulent houseplants, you can choose real, colorful and unusual shapes as well.

Taking care of succulents is easy. Water them when the soil is completely dry or every other week. Check the type of succulents you have because some of them love the sun but some of them, especially little ones, could die under it. Check our collection of live succulents for sale online on our website.

Succulent Plants and Bowl Arrangements Delivery

If you decide to buy a mini succulent gift for your loved ones, you are welcome to call us at (310) 817-0605 or visit our flower shop 1484 S Robertson Blvd, LA, CA, 90035 any time. You can always request succulent free shipping if you live in the 4 mile radius of our studio.