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Mardi Gras Flowers

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

There are so many options of mardi gras flower arrangements that you can purchase at our online store for the best celebrations. Purple, green, and even gold colors of our blooms will bring joy for Mardi Gras decorations.

Mardi Gras literally means Fat Tuesday in French. It is a religion celebration which after that Lent is coming. That is why this day is called Fat because people feast with lots of greasy food to prepare themselves for fasting. If you are considering about mardi gras flowers, think about dark purple tulips with yellow garden roses and mixing them with greenery. These colors are chosen not by chance, they have symbolic meaning. Purple stands for justice, gold (yellow) – for power and green – for faith. 


People do carnivals with masks and parade celebrating this holiday. They decorate tables with flowers in these magic colors, celebrate, and dance. Also it is a tradition for the parade to decorate special floats with paper or fresh mardi gras flower. You can use any seasonal flowers in deep purple, yellow or gold and green colors such as we mentioned above tulips, roses, also you can add carnations, chrysanthemums, iris, gladiolus, and lots of different types of greenery. 

Our florists will help you to choose your stunning mardi gras flower arrangement upon your request and liking. Do not hesitate call us (310)817-0605 to place your order today. Also as a good compliment for you, we have a free delivery from up to 4 miles from our shop.