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Rose Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Roses are the most popular and beautiful flowers on the planet. Due to its aesthetic appeal and fragrance, a bouquet of roses is a wonderful gift for any occasion. You can find a lot of options and order roses for delivery online on our website.

Mixed Roses
Starting at $200.00
Beautiful Mixed RosesBeautiful Mixed Roses
Best Selling
My Heart is Just for You!My Heart is Just for You!
Best Selling
My Heart is Just for You!
Starting at $110.00
Soft / Pastels
Starting at $115.00
Compliment for You
Best Selling
Heart with Peonies
Starting at $176.00
Red Roses upon request
Starting at $48.00
Girly Style
Starting at $120.00
Starting at $110.00
100 Red Roses100 Red Roses
Best Selling
Summer Sun
Starting at $65.00
Any Occasion
Starting at $90.00
Pinky Pink
Starting at $110.00
Summer Mood
Starting at $120.00
Black Roses
Starting at $160.00
Starting at $120.00
White Flowers Heart BoxWhite Flowers Heart Box
White Flowers Heart Box
Starting at $110.00
Best Selling
Peonies Heart
Starting at $150.00


The rose is one of the most controversial symbols. The meaning of purity, virginity, life, tranquility, but at the same time passion, desire, even grief and mourning. Let’s look at its symbolism in more detail.

What roses mean in bouquets

Roses given to a girl symbolize the feelings of the giver. The more intense the shade, the stronger the emotions.

Mixed roses given to a person mean sympathy and flirting. If you give a bouquet to a man, it is a sign of respect and a wish for success in a career.

Colors and their meanings

A rose is a flower that always means love but the message can be different depending on the shade of the flower.

White roses

For centuries, a light palette has been identified with spiritual feelings. A snow-white bouquet is a symbol of sincere feelings and thoughts. Another meaning of white is youth. That’s why white roses are usually chosen for the Weddings, Bar Mitzvas, Birthdays and to say sorry.

Red roses

Red rose is the most favorite symbol of love in literature. It is associated with immortal love and eternal romance. Unlike the light scale, the red tone represents earthy, sensual attraction. The richer the color of the bud, the stronger the emotions experienced. That’s why red roses are a perfect and classic choice for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, date, or just simply to show your love to the person on a daily basis.

Yellow roses

In flower language yellow means positivity, joy, friendship and success.
That’s why you can order a yellow rose flower arrangement for your friend’s birthday or for someone to brighten his or her day.

Pink roses

This color palette is very diverse: from pastel to bright fuchsia.

Pale pink buds are usually presented to express a compliment or sympathy. You are hinting at girls’ feelings to see if she would respond to them or not. Hands down, almost all girls like pink tones that’s why it’s the best choice for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Congratulations, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties, weddings and so on.
Bright tone is perfect to express appreciation and thank the person, that’s why it’s a nice choice for a Teacher appreciation week gift, and just if you want to thank someone.

Purple roses

Unusual lavender shade is a symbol of greatness, glory and wealth. It is an official color of the 25th wedding anniversary.

Blue roses

There are no blue roses in nature. A dye is added to the water and white roses start to become blue. Blue means - mystery, originality and extravagance.

Black roses

These blooms mean seriousness, efficiency, new beginnings in business, spiritual rebirth and strengths.

How to prolong flower’s life

Rose is a very gentle flower but with all the recommendations it can last more than a week.

Firstly make sure that the vase is clean and washed with a soap to kill all the bacteria inside. After, fill half of the vase with room temperature water because roses need much water. Before putting in the water, cut the stems at an angle, and try to make a fresh cut every other day. You can also use special floral food to prolong the life of the bouquet. Try to avoid direct sunlight and change the water in the vase every day.

Roses Bouquet Delivery

Order rose delivery service from our website today. We have free same day delivery within 4 miles. Walk-ins are always welcome at our flower shop as well.