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Peony Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

On our website you can find and buy fresh peony flower arrangements.

Bold, colorful, and fragrant, these blooms are very popular around the world and it is obvious why. These flowers mean fame, wealth and glory in addition to mystique and love which makes them famously popular for wedding bouquets and other special occasions. Peonies are very romantic blooms. In many countries people believe that peonies bring good luck, success and riches.


Symbolize of Peonies 

In general, symbolic of love, sympathy, cheerfulness, wealth, romance, and charmer, the peony is usually given on significant occasions as an appearance of compassion, good wishes, and delight. A bouquet with this gorgeous bloom represents wealth and love which is perhaps why they have become the official 12th wedding anniversary flower. If you want to surprise someone with a bouquet, but don’t know the flower preferences of the person, definitely order peonies online for delivery. 100% it will work!

Occasions to Send a Peony Bouquet

Do you want to surprise someone and send birthday flowers? We will be happy to arrange a peony bouquet for you that 100% will brighten your loved one’s day.

If you are planning your wedding, almost every bride wishes about peonies in the wedding bouquet. White or pale pink peonies mixed with other blooms or bold purple are always a hit!

When you are sending sorry, sympathy or condolence flowers, we would recommend to order beige, white tones.

Peonies Colors

Peonies always look stunning in a floral arrangement. These sweet fragrant flowers come in multiple colors, including red, white, yellow, pink and orange, and there's even a variety that changes colors during flowering. 

Tips How to Enjoy your Fresh Cut Peony Bouquet Longer

The first and the main rule, that you have to follow to prolong the life of your blooms are: clean vase washed with soap, to kill all the bacteria, fresh room temperature water every other day and fresh stem cut 45 degrees. Also, with every order we provide flower food that you can mix with water to prolong the life of a bouquet. If you don’t have it at home, you can make it yourself, easily adding a couple drops of bleach into the cool water in a vase.

If your buy peonies and buds are taking longer than you expected, what we can suggest:

  • Try carefully removing the outer leaves that are covering the buds.
  • Change the water in a vase from cool to warm.
  • And lastly, find a warm place with bright sun and place the vase there. It definitely will help you enjoy your open buds sooner.
Bonus tip!

To help your peonies last the absolute longest, place them in the fridge at night.

Peony Bouquet Delivery

Order peony flower bouquet delivery from our beautiful collection today! We do same day delivery and we have free delivery within 4 miles.