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100 Roses Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Rose is one of the most ancient and beautiful blooms in the world. It is so delicate but at the same time with the character. Roses started their way in ancient Rome, but the modern rose is the result of multiple crosses. Flowers will please any person and a bouquet of 100 roses will give an ocean of emotions. We always choose the best for our loved ones, and what could be more beautiful than a 100 flowers bouquet? On our website, you can select 100 Roses Bouquet delivery for any occasion.

100 rose meaning

For several centuries, roses have been used as a message to loved ones and dear people. Even the number of flowers in a bouquet has its own meaning. 

  • 1 rose means love at first sight and gratitude.
  • 7 stems mean crazy love.
  • 24 – a person constantly thinks about his or her beloved (24 hours a day).
  • 50 – mature love without regrets.
  • 100 roses arrangement is a way of expressing love and desire always to be together. 

Colors meaning

  • Red color means love, beauty, courage and respect.
  • White – purity, innocence, mystery.
  • Pink – gratitude, happiness, tenderness.
  • Yellow – fun, friendship, a promising start.
  • Purple – charm.

100 Roses Bouquet price is not low, that’s why usually it is an arrangement for a special occasion such as an Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Birth of a child or just an expression of a big love that you have and cannot express in words.

On our website, you can order 100 rose bouquet with just one click. And we will do all the rest. You just need to choose the color or maybe mix several colors together. You can always give us a call at (310) 817-0605 to place an order. We have free 4 miles same-day delivery. Also, you can come to our Art Flowers store and choose the desired bouquet.