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50 Roses Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Welcome to the world of floral artistry at ART Flowers LA, where experienced florists skillfully assemble breathtaking 50 roses arrangements. Discover the enchanting allure of these grand bouquets, meticulously crafted to capture hearts.

Red Roses upon request
Starting at $48.00
Long Stem Red Roses
Starting at $125.00
Black Roses
Starting at $160.00
Frutteto Roses
Starting at $48.00
Mixed Roses
Starting at $200.00
Blue Roses
Starting at $160.00
Pink O'Hara
Starting at $125.00
Tender Pink Roses
Starting at $48.00
Hot Pink Roses
Starting at $48.00
White Roses
Starting at $48.00
Heart Shaped Roses
Starting at $85.00Unavailable
Green Lemonade Roses
Starting at $99.00
Purple Garden Roses
Starting at $99.00

An Emotive Elixir of Feelings

A bouquet of 50 roses carries a language that speaks volumes of emotions, including:

  • Passionate love: Such an arrangement remains an eternal emblem of deep love, igniting flames of ardor.
  • Endearing affection: These blooms tenderly express admiration which makes them a perfect gift to cherish friendships.
  • Pure devotion: Elegant white compositions symbolize pure devotion and unity.

More About the Popular Hues

Grand bouquets come in many shades. Use the tips below to pick the right hue for your gift:

  • Fiery red exudes passionate love and desire.
  • Blushing pink imbues arrangements with a delicate charm, expressing heartfelt appreciation.
  • Pristine white invokes a sense of purity and unity, offering a symbol of eternal devotion and new beginnings.

Remember that beyond single-color compositions, roses can be paired with lilies, daisies, and other blooms. Experienced florists at ART Flowers will consult you on the 50 roses bouquet price, the best pairing combinations, and the matching colors.

Moments of Grandeur

Mark unforgettable occasions with the grandeur of 50 roses bouquet delivery, celebrating love and joy.

Let this grand gesture of love become an enchanting reminder of the endless bond you both have woven.

Each crimson bloom ignites the flame of desire that will let your love know that they are the center of your world.

  • Achievements: A Grand Ovation of Pride

Celebrate achievements and triumphs with a grand ovation of pride. Each radiant bloom represents the victories won and the determination that led to success.

Nurturing Floral Passion

ART Flowers LA offers workshops where you can explore the art of crafting enchanting arrangements with different blooms, including roses. Whether it's a birthday, bachelorette party, or any special event, the workshops are a delightful way to celebrate.


Order your perfect bouquet online, by calling +1(310)817-0605, or by visiting the Art Flowers LA shop. Enjoy the convenience of free delivery within 4 miles of the shop, spreading floral joy and love to your cherished celebrations.