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Dahlia Flower Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Dahlias are absolutely special. They pack a punch with their vivid colors and petal patterns. Looking to make someone’s day? Head over to ART Flowers LA for the most stunning dahlia flower arrangements you've ever seen!

Symbols of Dahlia

A fresh dahlia flower bouquet can carry truly deep meanings:

  • Strength: These sturdy stems withstand pretty much any weather. They are perfect for cheering on a friend taking on a new challenge.

  • Commitment: The flowers bloom for a long time. They tell someone, "I’m with you for the long haul."

Bouquets with Dahlia

Depending on the color, each bouquet has its own vibe. Here's how you can choose the right one:

  • Red: These are fiery. Do you have a third date or an anniversary? A bouquet of red blooms shows you’re serious about the relationship.

  • Pink: They’re soft and whisper sweet things. Perfect for your mom, a dear friend, or someone who just needs a little lift.

  • Purple: These are the royals. Some dark purple dahlias are, in fact, so dark that they look black. They are incredibly stylish, so hand them over to someone whose taste you admire.

  • White: Clean, crisp, and pure. As all white blooms, they are ideal for new starts.

When to Give?

Dahlias fit pretty much any occasion, but they really stand out on

Floral Workshops

Want to have fun? Join a workshop at ART Flowers LA. It’s perfect for a unique date, a special birthday treat, or just a day out with friends. You’ll walk away with a gorgeous bouquet, plus the skills to make more whenever you want.


Eager to order a dahlia bouquet delivery? Order it directly from ART Flowers LA’s website, through a call at +1(310)817-0605, or right at the shop. The delivery is free if you’re within four miles, and you can get your blooms the same day.