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Red Flower Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Red is the most popular bouquet color in the world. Red flower bouquet symbolizes a straightforward expression of great love and passion. On our website you can find a great selection of red bouquets for any occasion from birthday to anniversary, any special occasion and Valentine's Day.

It is no secret that a bouquet of scarlet flowers is a great way to express your feelings on Valentine's Day. Usually, the color symbolizes passion and love, but such a noble shade has other meanings as well:

The bright meaning of this color is power and greatness. Remember Emperors, tyrants, leaders, monarchs in red. The color also absorbed the energy of revolution, movement forward and unconditional victory. That is why many flags consist of red symbols and emblems.

One of the most universal and ancient color meanings is vitality, inner energy and fortitude. All these make a red floral arrangement state for victory, congratulations on any life achievement and a symbol of the holiday.

Most famous flowers are: roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, gerberas, carnations, and more. 

Meaning or red color in different countries

In the Far East and China this color is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Red flower is a perfect gift and congratulation or a wish for good health and prosperity. 

In India and Nepal, red is an obligatory attribute of the wedding ceremony and the bride’s sari. 

Cherry flowers are not just expression of love, but bold statement, vivid feelings and a real celebration of life. Our collection of red flowers is perfect for expressing love, admiring vitality and congratulating any victory. You can place an order just in one click on our website, call us at 310-817-0605 or come over to our store.