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Pampas Flower Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

If you keep up with the latest trend in floral decor, you’ve probably noticed pampas flowers are everywhere. That’s thanks to their ability to add a boho touch to any interior. See for yourself — ART Flowers LA has a stunning collection of pampas grass flower arrangements.

Wild Beauty

Take a look at pampas flowers. You probably think of freedom or nature when you see them. That’s not a coincidence. After all, they, indeed, grow wild in open fields.

When you gift a pampas grass floral arrangement, you’re giving a piece of that wild energy. They’re a real find when you want to remind someone to stay true to themselves.

Pampas Perfection

Each hue of pampas grass means something else.

  • Beige

Natural beige flowers are associated with the earth. Pair them with white roses and eucalyptus. Add dried lavender for a contrast.

  • Blush

Blush grass has a gentle pink hue. Mix it with pale pink peonies and baby’s breath. Wrap it up with a pastel ribbon.

  • Golden

Golden hues bring warmth. Combine them with sunflowers and marigolds. Add fern leaves, and you’ll have a perfect arrangement for summer parties.

  • Smoky

Gray flowers look a little bit more modern than others. Combine them with dark purple calla lilies and dusty miller. Use a black or metallic vase.

Moments to Remember

Pampas flowers suit many occasions, including

Learn and Create with Flower Workshops

Now, why not try your hand at floral design? ART Flowers LA offers hands-on floral workshops that are perfect for anyone who loves flowers. You’ll learn how to create stunning arrangements using pampas flowers and others. Take home your creations or gift them to someone special.


Ready to add some pampas flowers to your life? Check out the beautiful collection at ART Flowers LA. You can order online or visit the shop. If you are close by (within 4 miles), the delivery will be free!