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Birthday Flowers for Her

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

Birthday is the main holiday in everyone's life.  It is important to make it the happiest and most memorable.  Flowers have always been the best decoration of the celebration. How many things to consider choosing a bouquet for a birthday! Gender, age, social status, personal preferences and even the nature of the birthday person – all this must be known in order not to get into an awkward situation.

Starting at $95.00
Flirt Bouquet
Best Selling
Flirt Bouquet
Starting at $100.00
Heart in my Hands
Starting at $65.00
Starting at $100.00
Girly Style
Starting at $120.00
Floral Adventure
Starting at $120.00
Heart with Peonies
Starting at $176.00
Any Occasion
Starting at $90.00
Happy Heart
Starting at $65.00
Roses and Tulips
Starting at $65.00
Frutteto Roses
Starting at $62.00
100 Red Roses100 Red Roses
Best Selling
Starting at $80.00
Bright Bouquet
Starting at $75.00
Heart with Kind Words
Starting at $130.00
Such a Sweetheart
Starting at $130.00
My Queen
Starting at $115.00
Starting at $210.00
$65.00 Unavailable
Best Selling
Starting at $300.00
Starting at $180.00
Green Lemonade Roses
Starting at $99.00
Forever Rose
Starting at $70.00
On our website you can find a lot of options of flowers for her birthday. 

Every flower means something, and we suggest paying attention before ordering flowers for a girlfriend's birthday.

  • Azalea – meekness, femininity.
  • Astra – grace, nostalgia.
  • Marigolds – fidelity.
  • Carnation is a charm.
  • Gerbera - euphoria, optimism.
  • Gladiolus – courage, carnal love.
  • Hydrangea – coldness.
  • Delphinium – modesty, sadness.
  • Lily-white – purity, innocence; yellow – lie; tiger – pride.
  • Narcissus – lost hope.
  • Orchid – sophistication, intimacy.
  • Rose – love in all its manifestations.
  • Chamomile – youth, romance.
  • Tulip – youth, spring.
  • Violet – modesty.
  • Freesia – trust.
  • Chrysanthemum – used for any celebrations.
  • Eustoma - joy, fun.

We have a lot of options of mixed bouquets, bouquets in hat boxes and heart shaped boxes. You can easily place an order on our website, by the phone 310-817-0605 or just come to our store and pick up from the assortment and make her birthday special and unforgettable.