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Unique Flower Bouquets

Fresh Cut Bouquets in Los Angeles

On our website, you can find a lot of unique flower arrangements. Our art florists will create something unique and unusual to your budget and preferences. If you want to be seen by sending an impressive bouquet, pay attention to Tropical bouquet on our website, sunflowers and roses, compositions that contain feathers, like pink peonies and blue feathers or natural wooden sticks: so something fresh, unique and unusual. 

Beautiful Mixed RosesBeautiful Mixed Roses
Best Selling
Starting at $48.00
Any Occasion
Starting at $90.00
Lilac and Roses
Starting at $140.00Unavailable
Starting at $65.00
100 Red Roses100 Red Roses
Best Selling
Spring Bouquet
$120.00 Unavailable
Beautiful Lilac
$225.00 Unavailable
Lilac Bouquet
$240.00 Unavailable
Simple Elegance
$170.00 Unavailable
Spring Lilac Bloom
$250.00 Unavailable
Starting at $80.00
Best Gift
Best Gift
Blue Lagoon
Starting at $150.00
Blue Roses
Starting at $160.00

Unusual floral arrangements are special flower arrangements containing exotic flower bouquets, bouquets with feathers, pampas, some unusual things like seashells and so on. It might be as well bouquets of unusual shape decorated with palm leaves, stones or something else. Each composition is a unique piece of art for us. We are ready to take into action any of your creative ideas. We know all the global trends, and we do care about sophistication, aesthetics, and harmony of colors.

Exclusivity and florist’s aesthetics-this is what ART FLOWERS studio is appreciated for. Nothing is impossible for us! Under your request, we will bring rare, exotic flowers to make your surprise exclusive and truly unique.

We receive classic and exotic flowers from 12 countries 3 times a week. The most popular among them are Protea, bird of paradise, amaryllis, Anthurium, calla lily, hyacinth, lilac, lily of the valley, oriental lily, fringed tulips and many more. We also have rare plants like Silk Anthurium, Monstera plant, succulent arrangements and custom orchids in different pots decorated with moss. 

The unique composition is a perfect gift for any Business present, Happy Birthday gift, congratulation on any occasion and just to make someone you love smile.

On our website, you can order a unique flower bouquet delivery in one minute.  Also, you can call us (310)817-0605 to place an order and discuss all the questions and details. We have 4 miles free delivery and are more than happy to see you at our Art Flowers studio to create your special arrangement together.